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Drew & Carr P.C. offers a broad variety of services in our areas of concentration, including:

Estate Planning, Administration and Litigation

Real Estate

Purchases, Sales and Leases of Commercial and Residential Property
Mortgage and Tax Foreclosure
Surplus Monies Proceedings

Civil and Commercial Litigation

Article 81 Guardianship Proceedings


Due to our small size, Drew & Carr P.C. is able to offer its services on a personal level. Dean M. Drew and Alana Carr, the firm’s partners, share a philosophy that a client should have direct access to his or her attorney at all times. We believe that an important means of meeting that goal is to limit the scope of our practice both in the number of cases taken on and to the areas of practice.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your matter. We will be pleased to offer our services if we are able to help or, if not, to assist you in finding other counsel who can.